Question: When It Comes to Your Healthcare and Wellness, Are You Traveling in the Right Direction?

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Here are a few things to Think about:

1. Are you frustrated about healthcare and wellness options?

2. Do you worry about being able to pay for healthcare costs?

3. Are you disappointed with your employer, government or insurance company?

4.  Are you ready to take a step beyond voting and connect with your representatives?

As a™️ Member, you’ll have the opportunity to make your voice heard to help change our healthcare system in America.

woman getting into consumer 4 wellness car to travel healthcare highway

Ready to get on the road to better healthcare options?

Travel down the Consumers 4 Wellness™️ highway. If you relate to any one point below, you are indeed a Consumer 4 Wellness™️.

Consumers 4 Wellness Member Assessment Roadmap
Consumers 4 Wellness Member Assessment Roadmap

Your opinion matters!

Now that you understand your thoughts and feelings about your healthcare, we would like to give you a voice about your holistic, integrative, alternative and natural medicine healthcare choices.  

Sign up with us today and put your voice in action!

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Step 2: Once you pay safely on PayPal, you will put in your name and address and be directed to our TAKE ACTION page.

Step 3: As a member, your address will be linked with your Federal Legislators, the President of the United States, and Insurance Companies to email, tweet, call or send them a direct message on Facebook.

Step 4: Select the Take Action topic you want to comment on and say what is important to you in the letter we have started for you. As a member, you can comment on as many topics as you like.

Step 5: Check out our action items for other topics that you may want to comment on.

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