About Consumers 4 Wellness™️

multiculture American citizens wanting better healthcare options

The mission of Consumers 4 Wellness™️ is creating an association to unite the 59 Million people who want to see an improvement in healthcare. That is our key focus.  We believe that your wellness includes nutrition, financial,  spiritual, sexual, mental health, etc. 

Together we can drive the conversation of how we improve our healthcare choices.

Let’s engage with our representatives to create change. Remember…they work for you!



About the BridgeIT Book

An answer to the health care crisis is in your hands. Even before 2020, our country had a healthcare problem. Our healthcare system has a values problem. And we have a self-nurturing problem. It’s time for all of that to change.

We need to Put our Health Back in Our Hands!

What People Are Saying About the Book

This book is a must read for anyone that is frustrated with our current healthcare system and looking for options. We know things must change, and this book shows us actions we can take to affect that change. Very well written, easy read and THOUGHT PROVOKING. #BridgeIT
Kelly D.
Amazon Review
BridgeIT is for EVERYONE to read. When I first heard the concept of what this author explains here, it was in a video presentation and I was blown away! I wanted to be part of what she was doing. Once you've read this, I believe you will too.
Amazon Review
I would love to put my health in my own hands. I have no choice of which hospital I choose to go to. I have to get permission from my insurance company to get therapy my doctor recommended. I could go in and on. I agree we need to put insurance into the hands of the people. I want to BridgeIt!!!!
Amazon Review

A Letter from Our Founder

My passion is learning about holistic approaches to wellness, and how our overall state of health  affects our sexual, mental, spiritual, and social health.  For 30 years I have helped people heal their Mind, Body, and Spirit in the therapy office.  In 2009 I decided to take what I had learned and create a holistic health care model that would put your health back in your hands.

Our dream is to create a community holistic wellness plan that focuses on health and wellness, not symptom management and would save our health care interventions for acute illness and significant injuries. Everyone who would participate would make money or save money.

A program that would collect research on the effectiveness of Integrative Medicine while improving wellness in communities across the country. You can find more information about this on BridgeITMovement.comBut, this is a big idea, and it has been an uphill climb. We have not given up because we believe you have a right to manage your healthcare dollars and choices.

We know wellness can come in many forms and that holistic methods blended with traditional healthcare may shift our healthcare to a prevention model. 

For now, we must create a unity of those of us who want to see change and learn how to advocate for ourselves. By creating Consumers 4 Wellness™️, we will start with what the people want and then help them advocate for what is important for their health and wellness. And, I am scared, but I will learn how to be a lobbyist. Together we will remove the barriers to change.

If we are united as a wellness group, our voices can be heard! ,

– Theresa Callard-Moore